The realization of a dream – The RareCoin Team

We welcome you to our site. Who are we?

RareCoin is a part of TriaPrima GmbH. One of the two managing directors of TriaPrima GmbH and responsible for RareCoin is Dirk Wasserthal. He has already founded various companies in the financial and IT sectors over the last 30 years. To this end, he has been working successfully for and with large corporations from the banking and financial services sector for many years.

One of his great passions is precious metals, especially rare coins (especially gold coins), which he has been collecting for more than 20 years. This passion for rarity, coupled with his great entrepreneurial spirit, has led him to create RareCoin to best support his customers and his large international network.

With the idea of RareCoin, his childhood dream came true: the desire for adventure, like Indiana Jones, to search for rare treasures, as well as the elements of alchemy and the desire of alchemists to turn lead into gold (and now he uses in a different way his knowledge and skills to get his customers the gold coins they want), which have accompanied him all his life.

He is assisted by an outstanding team of experts around the areas of sales, social media, but also experts in the field of coin trading/precious metals, who support him worldwide to find for his customers, the coins that are hard to get otherwise. Our network extends from the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Russia, former states of the CIS, Dubai, China, to Australia.

Feel free to contact us if you are looking for something or look forward to the beautiful coins you can currently find in our online store.

Please note that we do not store coins in our office for security reasons.

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