Gold coin 200 pesos Bicentenario 2010

In our latest blog post, we present the very rare 200 Pesos Bicentenario gold coin from Banco de Mexico commemorating the 200th anniversary of its creation. anniversary of Mexico’s independence. Likewise, the gold coin in this proof variant is issued with a wooden box and a certificate for this purpose. Apart from that, it has a very exclusive edition number of only 5000 copies. This makes it popular with coin collectors around the world. The Bicentenario gold coin from Mexico has a weight of 41.667 grams and a diameter of 37 millimeters.


The front features the national symbol of Mexico surrounded by the words “ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS”.

Back cover:

On the reverse, the year “1810” can be seen in the lower field in a semicircle; and below that, the year “2010”. In the center is visible the figure of the winged Victory of Independence Column. Alongside, in the left field of the Bicentenario gold coin in the semicircle, the legend “37.5 g ORO PURO” can be seen. On top of that, the number “200” and the word “PESOS” are visible in the lower right field as a whole. On the right side at the bottom of the coin you can see the symbol of the Casa de Moneda de México. The frame of the gold coin is smooth.

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