Are you looking for a reliable gold dealer in Wiesbaden and the surrounding area? Then we at Rare Coin are your right partner. No matter if you are a passionate coin collector or numismatist. Everyone will find what they are looking for. You see, at Rare Coin, we own the rarest gold coins you can find. We also have silver, platinum or palladium in our repertoire.

Our unique service: Coin Hunting

If you are looking for a coin that we do not currently offer in our assortment, please feel free to contact us. We will see to it that you can have them in your hands as soon as possible (the following link will take you to our service: Coin Hunting). Rare Coin’s team consists of passionate and experienced gold traders who will definitely give you top advice. After all, with us you get not only a simple advice, from which only the dealer will benefit. We also reveal some tips on how to upgrade and strategically expand your coin collection.

The online store Rare Coin

The online store of Rare Coin consists of some collectibles and rare coins that you simply will not find on the market of precious metals.

Our services

We offer a wide range of services. This includes especially our online store, where you can buy precious metals. Also we offer you a gold purchase. Do you own coins that you would like to value and sell? Then we are the right contact for you. Feel free to contact us via our contact form. Our experts will contact you as soon as possible. On our blog you will regularly find the most important information about our coins and special devices that you can use to check your purchased precious metals for authenticity. Also we inform you constantly about the most important information about gold, silver, platinum and palladium. We also constantly analyze the gold market for you and keep you up to date. Please feel free to drop by.

Looking for a reliable gold dealer near you?

You come from Mainz or Frankfurt? Then we are immediately available for you in the vicinity. Even if you should come from another part of Germany, Austria or Switzerland, this should not be a problem! We are the reliable gold trade from Wiesbaden that you should not miss in any case.

Our business premises are located in the middle of the Hessian capital Wiesbaden. We are very centrally located and therefore very accessible for everyone. Whether by car or train.

Do you have any other questions about Rare Coin, our coins and equipment, or our services? Then please feel free to contact us via our contact form. We will contact you immediately!

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